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Tips Before Selling Your House By Cytick

We’ve noticed that there are a number of articles about how to sell your home and step-by-step guides to listing your home. But often overlooked is the moments before listing your home which can be just as daunting and important. Let’s take a look at a few things that are wise to do just after the moment you have decided it is time to sell. I think it’s important to do some basic exercises even before calling your Realtor.


Let go and mentally prepare to move on

For many of us our homes are the largest assets we have ever owned so making this decision to sell your real estate can often be one of the most difficult decisions we will ever have to make. Whether you have to for financial reasons or you want to for other reasons, one of the most difficult parts of selling your home is dealing with the mental and emotion difficulties of letting go. This was more than just a house to you and your family it was your home with a memory around every corner. But you have made a decision to sell and it is time to start letting go and looking forward to the many new adventures to come. Moving on can be a fun and liberating experience. It can be a way to connect with new people and learn about new places. Look at the bright side and try to focus on the good that will come of selling your home and all the new memories you will make.


Take note of what makes your home special

Take a note pad and walk around the property. Maybe even take photos with your cell phone because it can be difficult to separate yourself from your home so having a different view of the property can help you see it as others sill see it for the first time. Before listing your home for sale it is good to first take a walk around your home and take notes on the things that made you fall in love with the home. That list will be your key selling points, upgrades, and special features. These are the features you want to show off and help others fall in love with. You will likely show this list to your Realtor to help them engage buyers with the many wonderful features of your home. Next it’s best to take not of the things people may not like about your home in it’s current state. This could be a broken door, an old window screen, or even just cluttered rooms. For any of the major fixes you may want to wait and get your Realtor’s opinion on whether it will increase your sale price. If putting in a $20,000 new carpet will only increase your home’s value by $10,000 then why waste the money. This is where an experienced real estate agent can really help. Be sure to go through this list with your Realtor or stager to find ways to address the issues.


Search real estate listings in your area

Try to gauge what your home is worth by looking at the other homes listed on the real estate market. Realistically a Realtor can give advice but in the end it is your home and you choose the price. Try looking online by searching for other homes for sale on real estate websites like or if you are based in Santa Barbara County like us you can search for Santa Barbara real estate on Websites like this will have the latest homes for sale and numerous photos of homes. Try to look for similar square footage, year built, number of rooms, and amount of land. Take a look at the photos and ask yourself how your home would compare because in the end, these homes are your competition.


Toss the stuff you can live without.

The next important step to selling your home is getting ready to remove all the unnecessary items. You don’t want to hinder your every day life by removing items that you need but we all accumulate stuff that is not needed. Pack it, sell it, donate it, what ever it. Leave furniture and items that your decorator may want to use to help buyers visualize what the home will look like. Family photos, valuables, and personal items are best to pack away to prevent being lost or broken during the moving, decorating, and selling process.



Run through and give the home a quick clean. You don’t have to go all out at this point but just give it a quick once over on the basics like a quick vacuum, dusting, wipe dirty showers, and other small items that make the property look dirty or old. When it comes time to put your house on the market you may need to hire a cleaning crew or do a more detailed job but this initial clean-up job can better help your Realtor gauge the home’s value while developing a comp against other currently for sale homes that have been staged, cleaned, and professionally photographed.


Now you can get a good real estate agent

Now it’s time to call your Realtor or set up appointments to interview a few Realtors. If you don’t know where to look for a good real estate agent you can search on google, read reviews on the top real estate websites, or visit a few open houses and find someone you trust and who did a good job marketing that property. Unique marketing, trustworthiness, experience and ability to spend time with you are often the most important factors to look at. Good luck with the sale of your home and here’s to many new adventures in your new home.


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