Santa Barbara Homes – Custom Adobe / Santa Fe / Southwestern home
The Adobe, Santa Fe, and  style of architecture is derived from dryer and warmer climates that you would find in locations like Arizona, Nevada, or New Mexico. These Santa Barbara homes will usually have an eco friendly theme that can keep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Although Santa Barbara isn’t particularly known for having large fluctuations in our weather temperatures, for those few weeks out of the year year where Santa Barbara gets cold or hot, the Adobe home is where the neighbors will want to congregate.  These stucco homes are usually one-level, have flat roofs, and are built with covered porches. Southwestern house designs include a variety of styles commonly referred to as Spanish Revival, Santa Fe Pueblo, or Mission homes. Many are asymmetrical designs with stucco walls over brick and irregularly placed windows. Southwestern style home plans are a mixture of Spanish Colonial and Indian Pueblo architecture creating a truly unique combination; that perfectly suits the Southwest and New Mexico landscapes. Being that Santa Barbara has a rich Spanish heritage, you would think this style of home would be more common, but this is a rare find and for those seeking this style of house in Santa Barbara, you will typically have to look around a bit and focus on places near the lower downtown Santa Barbara mission or parts of San Antonio Creek or near neighborhoods like Rancho San Antonio. Landscaping for this style of home usually consists of drought tolerant plants, cactus, and succulents.