Luxury real estate for sale in Santa Barbara and luxury Montecito homes priced at $10million to $15million dollars provides many of the finest homes in Santa Barbara. This price range allows home buyers to be very open to possibilities. On this page you can find custom built manors, mansions, luxury homes, many acres of land, and equestrian estates. This price range is one of the most exciting as we can get our clients into some of the most amazing homes but they don’t sit as long as the properties above $15,000,000. So fun and exciting real estate opportunities spring up much more often in this price range. Many clients wishing to sell in their home in this price range prefer a quieter and less public form of advertising so many times you can’t find these properties listed on public websites. The best way to find homes at this price range is to contact our team and explain to luxury real estate specialist Louise McKaig what you are looking for. Tapping into Louise McKaig’s local network and contacts, we can research and find many more possibilities for you. We can also find homeowners, social contacts, or past clients who have purchased one of these luxury properties in the past that, due to Santa Barbara and Montecito’s rising housing prices, would still make a profit at any reasonable offer. This can open our clients up to more real estate opportunities. Below is a list of publicly available Santa Barbara real estate and Montecito real estate for sale priced between $10million to $15million dollars:

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