January 29, 2015

Santa Barbara Real Estate – Santa Barbara CA


Santa Barbara Real Estate

Looking for real estate in Santa Barbara California? Great, you’re in the right place and we’d love to help you!

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Santa Barbara has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for both tourists and real estate connoisseurs alike. In terms of the Santa Barbara real estate market, home sales and even home values have remained strong even through the recent economic problems for buyers and sellers. We can get a few ups and downs in the cycle but when compared to the rest of the nation Santa Barbara’s thriving real estate market and real estate investment opportunities have remained solid primarily due to supply and demand. Santa Barbara is one of the most sought after locations in the world (high demand) while there is limited amount of available space and urbanization restrictions insure Santa Barbara doesn’t get bombarded with new buildings (limited supply).

Santa Barbara sits comfortably between the ocean and the mountains providing ideal weather with beautiful scenery and wildlife. Santa Barbara is only about 90 miles from Los Angeles, which has made it an ideal retreat for many of the Hollywood entertainment industries elite. Local news blog edhat claims that 11 billionaires from Forbes Magazine’s richest people list.

Santa Barbara has beautiful beaches for surfing and relaxations, awesome mountains and hiking trails, stunning vistas, and a very rich history. Most enjoy Santa Barbara’s hiking trails, surfing, and beach activities but there are a number of other outdoor activities available as well from fishing and camping to mountain biking and skateboard parks. Santa Barbara has also become popular for wine drinkers due to the renowned local wineries being featured in recent movies like the locally filmed “Sideways”.
 For real estate enthusiasts, Santa Barbara has very many wonderful neighborhoods, each with their own character, uniqueness, and benefits. Click here to check out our neighborhoods section for more detailed information or visit www.SantaBarbaraBliss.com for more insider’s secretes of this great city. If you are thinking of moving or visiting Santa Barbara you should also visit santabarbaraca.gov or tripadvisor.com. For basic statistics, demographics, and data about Santa Barbara you can visit city-data.com or wikipedia. You can also check out zillow, realtor.com, or our Santa Barbara real estate search page.

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